Groups Active in the North Island

People’s Republic of Sinsilan – the remnants of the Communist Chinese army that invaded New Zealand at the onset of the Great War and now seeks to control it.

The Raider Gangs – people that prey on travellers, merchants and settlements alike, taking what they want by force.

The Tribes – People who returned to the ways of pre-colonial NZ who formed various tribes that fight, trade, and live in the apocalypse.

Erd – The remnants of the IRD that has now become a group of traders, merchants & debt collectors.

Knights of Ash – re-enactors & larpers who have formed an order that protects settlements & traders.

Shadow Parliament – a revolutionary group that pushed back the communist invaders and now hopes to restore democracy and old world values.


Division of Territory

The Dead Shore: The irradiated and ash choked wasteland that covers the western coast of NZ

The Frontier: The lands north of Napier and south of Huntly

The People’s Republic of Sinsilan – the lands north of Huntly

The Shadow Parliament – the lands south of Napier to Wellington

The South – the mysterious south island, none who have ever ventured here return



Critical: A player may not call resist to this attack.

Fire: All affected individuals will be considered on fire.

Grenade: Thrown spell packet inflicting cripple on a limb and torso of all characters within 5m radius of packet (target chooses).

Poison: Target is sickened for a minute.

Resist:  The hit does not cripple your limb/torso.

Stun: Character is unable to focus, may only defend and retreat and cannot use abilities.

Killing Blow: Character is dead. May only be performed on a character who is dying or otherwise incapable of defending themselves (tied up etc.)

Minor Radiation: Characters exposed to minor radiation suffer from the effects of poison after one minute. For every minute thereafter, the level of radiation poisoning a character suffers increases by one. (Ghouls: see Ghoul template).

Major Radiation: Character is affected by major radiation poisoning and is unable to call resist to any calls, regardless of remaining damage resistance. (Ghouls: See Ghoul template)

Advanced Radiation: Character is affected by advanced radiation poisoning. Character is rendered dying, with one minute remaining. (Ghouls: See Ghoul template)

Knockback: Character is physically pushed backwards three meters and must take a moment to re-orient.

EMP: Disables all electronics within the targeted area and stuns all living targets.

Laser: Causes armour to break and require repairs (also affects shields).



Bleeding:Character is bleeding out. After one minute of bleeding, a character will be considered to be dying. This does not impede your normal function.

Crippled: In the case of a crippled arm or leg, that limb is unable to be used, except when the character has relevant perks. In the case of a crippled torso, that player is bleeding.

Damage Resistance:The combined total number of resist calls a character can make. This is based on Endurance, Armour and Perks.

Dead: Character is no longer alive. Another person may attempt to resuscitate the character if the character has been dead for less than five minutes.

Downtime: There will be four downtime actions between each weekend game (all submitted at the same time). For each action, a roll will be made to determine how lucky a player is during that action. There is a 25% chance players will be unlucky, where their luck counts against them, 50% chance players will neither be lucky or unlucky (luck doesn’t count)  and a 25% chance that players will have good luck, where the player’s luck score adds to their result. Players will be giving one or two sentences describing the encounter and result. It is up to the player to flesh this out. Major negative consequences may be struck out, at the cost of a positive result and in consultation with the GMs.

Dying: A character that is dying may not move or act other than to moan/groan slightly.

Fate Bag: A bag with 8 stones which represent failed results and 4 stones representing successful results. When a skill requires a fate bag draw, it requires players to draw from the bag up to a maximum of their luck divided by 3 (for every 3 luck a player has, they are allowed one draw), replacing each stone after drawing it. Only one successful result is required.

Getting Hit: A character is crippled if they are hit, unless otherwise able to resist.

Lock-Picking:In order to successfully pick a lock, a character with the corresponding skill must unscrew all screws in the lock.

Non-Com:White headband.  Character may not be engaged in combat for safety reasons.

On Fire:A character on fire is consumed by flames and incapable of acting in a coherent fashion, except to run around screaming. A character on fire may be put out by appropriate role play by other characters (dousing character in water, patting out with blankets etc.) or by the character (stop, drop and roll). A character left on fire for 1 minute will be dying. A character is considered on fire if hit by flamer fire (water guns) or affected by a fire grenade.

Out of Character: Red Headband. This character does not exist in this game world at this time.

Pick-pocketing: In order to successfully pick-pocket, a character with the corresponding skill must attach two pegs (any colour) to the storage section of the targeted object.

PVP: Killing blows between players should be agreed upon by both players prior to the fight. However, just because a player does not agree to a killing blow does not mean they cannot still die. The loser of a PVP fight will be rendered dying upon the conclusion of the fight. Dying players are still subject to the potential killing blow of NPCs.

Sickened: Character is nauseated and is unable to do anything besides walk and attempting to vomit. Requires role-play.

Shields: There are no skills relating to shield use. A shield will block bullets out-right – including critical calls. However, they will only block half of a grenade blowing up, target chooses. A person using a shield will not be able to also use a 2-handed weapon. A shield can be destroyed by a laser weapon.

Stealth:Blue Headband OR Hands crossed over chest – invisible by skill or tech. Individual must be near cover, in shadow or in a crowd of non-hostile individuals.

Watch: Each day will be broken into several watches, each watch consisting of four hours and beginning at 8am. (8am-12pm; 12pm-4pm; 4pm-8pm; 8pm-12am; 12am-8am). 12am-8am will be considered time to sleep for crew and GMs. Players are welcome to continue roleplaying, but no new encounters will be sent after 12am.

Character creation

All characters begin play with 30xp, 500 caps and 2 Damage Resistance. A character may carry 5 loot sheets ordinarily.

All characters begin with 3 in each stat (SPECIAL). A path costs20xp and the ghoul template costs 10xp. It is possible for a player to both take a path and the ghoul template. Characters who take a path will be considered to have purchased all skills and the chosen perk in that path, however in order to use them, they must still have the pre-requisites of that perk or skill. Paths with adept skills are considered to have purchased the novice skill also.


Stealth Fighter

+ 3 Strength + 3 Endurance

Melee Weapon Adept

Stealth Novice

Choose one of the following:

Ninja, Silent Runner, Toughness


Heavy fighter

+3 Strength + 3 Endurance

Melee Weapons Adept

Armour Novice

Choose one of the following

Adamantine Skeleton, Life Giver, Weapon Handling


Gun Fighter

+ 3 Perception + 3 Agility

Guns Weapon Adept

Explosives Novice

Choose one of the following:

Sniper, Junk Rounds or Action Boy/Girl



+ 3 Luck + 3 Intelligence

Medicine Adept OR Science Adept OR Medicine Novice AND Science Novice

Energy weapon Novice OR Melee Novice

Choose one of the following:

Educated, Computer Whizz or Comprehension



+ 3 Perception + 3 Intelligence

Survival Novice

Melee Novice/Guns Novice

Repair Novice

Choose one of the following:

Explorer, Hunter or Fortune Finder



+ 3 Charisma + 3 Perception

Adept Barter

Novice guns

Choose one of the following

Walker Instinct, Pack Rat, Hit the Deck


Ghoul Template (10xp)

-2 Strength; -2 Charisma; + 3 Luck

Ghouls are unaffected by minor radiation.

Instead of suffering the effects as humans do, a ghoul suffering from minor radiation sickness recovers 1DR per watch.

A ghoul suffering from major radiation poisoning heals 1 crippled limb per watch

A ghoul suffering from advanced radiation poisoning may only ever be reduced to dying, but will emit minor radiation and may cause minor radiation poisoning to those around it.


S.P.E.C.I.A.L – Max 12 (1-6 = 2xp 7-9 = 3xp 10-12 = 4xp)

Strength: For every three points of strength, a character may perform one melee critical.

Perception: 1/watch per three points of perception, a character may spot a stealthed individual or object. This breaks the spotted character’s stealth.

Endurance: For every three points of endurance, a character gains 1 Damage Resistance.

Charisma: For every three points of charisma, characters may gain one reputation token based on role-play with a faction.

Intelligence: When using the science skill, characters may use one clue to gain a hint about their current puzzle for every three points they have in intelligence (one hint per three intelligence, per day).

Agility: For every three points in agility, characters may make one ranged critical.

Luck: For every 3 luck a character possesses, the player may make one draw from a fate bag when required.


Perks (4xp)

Action Boy/Girl (Require Agility 5): Gain one additional critical call.

Adamantine Skeleton (Require 7 Endurance): Gain one Damage resistance per watch.

Alertness (Perception 8): Additional spot once per watch.

And Stay Back (Agility 10): Can call knockback with ranged weapons once per watch.

Cannibal: Allows you to use treat human remains as a meal for the purposes for recovering damage resistance.

Certified Tech (Intelligence 7, Science expert): May recover junk from robots.

Chem Resistance (Requires 5 Strength and 5 Endurance): Half as likely to become addicted to chems.

Chem Junkie (Requires Chem Resistance): May consume one additional dose of a given drug per watch.

Comprehension (Requires 7 intelligence): Increases the discount when turning in skill books by 1.

Computer Whizz (Requires 4 intelligence, Science Adept): Gives an additionalclue when trying to hack a locked down computer terminal.

Demolition expert (Perception 5, Agility 4, Explosives Adept): Gives an extra 2m diameter on traps ; delineated by a 7m diameter red rope.

Educated (Intelligence 4): Have the equivalent of a high school education or higher (basic math, reading and writing).

Epicurean: You are less prone to chem addiction. May consider a bottle of alcohol a meal for the purposes of damage resistance recovery.

Explorer (Perception 6, Survival novice): Gain extra downtime action.

Fast metabolism (Endurance 7): Restore one extra damage resistance when using stim packs and super stim packs.

Fortune Finder (Luck 6): Gain extra 50 caps once per downtime phase on positive downtime actions.

Ghastly Scavenger (Requires Cannibal): May eat the remains of any creature to gain damage resistance.

Hand Loader (Perception 4, Repair novice, survival novice): May recover one additional usable bullet.

Hit the Deck (Agility 5, Perception 4): May call resist against one grenade. This should be roll played by hitting the ground.

Hunter (Survival Expert): Gain one extra creature reagent during downtime.

Irradiated Beauty *Ghoul Specific*: sleep removes one level of radiation.

Infiltrator (Agility 5, Lock Picking Adept): May pick locks while stealthed.

In shining armour (Endurance 12, Phys Rep): When wearing metal or shining armour (or carrying metal/shining shields) laser weapons do not automatically break the armour or shield.

Jury-Rigger (Repair Adept): Jury rigging lasts two watches instead of one.

Junk rounds (Adept Repair): Can construct bullets out of junk at the rate of 5 bullets per item of junk.

Lead Belly (Endurance 8): Ignores radiation from food or water sources

Life Giver: +1 damage resistance.

Light Step (Perception 8): May resist one trap effect. Trap does not activate

Living Anatomy (Medicine Adept, Intelligence 6): When using adept medicine, can grant one additional damage resistance per 5 minutes of role-play. Also grants an additional draw from fate bag when using resuscitation ability of Medicine expert .

Mad Bomber (Intelligence 7, Explosives expert): Allows you to create fire, EMP or poison grenades and traps.

Math Wrath (Intelligence 6, Educated): Grants 5% bonus to barter.

Merchant (5 Charisma, Adept Barter): Begin each weekend game with 60 caps.

Nerves of Steel (4 intelligence, 4 charisma): Regain one critical per watch.

Night Person (Perception 5): Between 8pm and 12am, grants a bonus spot or clue.

Ninja (Agility 6, Stealth Novice): Melee critical does not break stealth.

Nuka-Chemist (Intelligence 10): May convert Nuka-cola to one of the nuka-cola special edition types.

Pack Rat (Barter Adept): May carry 2 extra loot sheets

Paralysing Arm (Strength 10, Agility 6): May stun using a touch attack

Professional (Phys rep, Intelligence 6, Agility 8, Guns Expert): May attach silencers to firearms, allowing ranged critical while stealthed

Pyro-maniac (Perception 8, Endurance 4): May use fire weapons.

Rad Absorption (Endurance 10):Radiation level reduced by one per watch

Rad Resistance (Endurance 12): Ignore the first level of radiation poisoning once per day.

Recycler (Intelligence 5): Allows recovery of energy weapon ammo at the same rate as bullets.

Robotics (Intelligence 10, Science Expert): May touch attack unaware robots to deactivate them.

Scrounger (Perception 5, Survival Adept): Gain additional ammo during downtime

Silent Runner (Agility 5, Perception 4): May run while using stealth.

Sneak Attack: Player may whisper critical to an unaware target once per watch.

Sniper (Agility 7, Guns Adept): Extra ranged critical once per watch.

Solar Powered (Perception 5): Between 8am and 12pm, grants a bonus spot or clue.

Stonewall (Endurance 10): May resist knockback once per watch.

Strong Back (Strength 9): May carry extra 2 loot sheets.   

Strong-wall (Strength 10): Can call knockback on a melee strike once per watch.

Thought you Died (requires GM discussion): Resets all reputation to Neutral.

Toughness: +1 damage resistance.

Walker Instinct (Perception 6): Once per watch, gain one additional spot while outside.

Weapon handling (must specify weapon type): May call an additional critical with a weapon of the player’s choice.


Skills (Novice 3xp, Adept 4xp, Expert 5xp)

Armour, Novice: Grants 1 damage resistance. Also grants an additional damage resistance when physically wearing light armour.

Armour, Adept: Grants 1 damage resistance. Also grants an additional damage resistance when physically wearing medium armour.

Armour, Expert: Grants 1 damage resistance. Also grants an additional damage resistance when physically wearing heavy armour.


Barter, Novice: 5% bonus to buying/selling items. Requires at least 1 minute of role-play.

Barter, Adept (3 Charisma): 10% bonus to buying/selling items. Requires at least 1 minute of role-play.

Barter, Expert (6 charisma): 15% bonus to buying/selling. Requires at least 1 minute of role-play.


Energy Weapons, Novice: May throw three EMP grenades per watch.

Energy Weapons, Adept (3 perception): May use single-handed energy weapons (disc nerf blasters).

Energy Weapons, Expert (6 perception): May use any energy weapon (disc blasters).


Explosives,Novice: May use up to 3 grenades per watch.

Explosives, Adept (3 intelligence): May set 3 traps per watch.

Explosives, Expert (6 intelligence): May throw and set, fire and EMP traps and grenades.


Guns, Novice: May use pistols.

Guns, Adept (3 agility): May use any large firearm.

Guns, Expert (6 agility): May use any automatic firearms.


Lock pick, Novice: May unlock locks with 2 screws.

Lock pick, Adept (3 Agility): May unlock locks with 4 screws.

Lock pick, Expert (6 Agility): May unlock locks with 6 screws.


Medicine, Novice: Allows you to apply bandages or splints to crippled limbs/torso, may stabilise a dying character.

Medicine, Adept (Intelligence 3): May perform surgery to return one Damage Resistance per 5 minutes of role-play and may use medicine to cure poison effects.

Medicine, Expert (Intelligence 6): May resuscitate a character who has been dead for up to 5 minutes, granting a single draw from a fate bag in addition to player’s luck and other items which grant bonuses.


Melee weapons,Novice: May use short weapons (knives, night sticks etc.).

Melee weapons, Adept (Strength 3): May use long melee weapons (swords, axe etc.).

Melee weapons, Expert (Strength 6): May use 2-handed weapons (spear or similar).


Repair,Novice: May jury rig using duct tape and one in five recovered bullets is usable.

Repair, Adept (Perception 3): May repair damaged weapons using a tool kit and reagents, two in five bullets recovered are usable.

Repair, Expert (Perception 6): May repair broken items using just duct tape and three in five bullets recovered are usable.


Science,Novice: May attempt to hack terminals.

Science, Adept (Intelligence 3): May craft medical supplies.

Science, Expert (Intelligence 6):  May create chems.


Speech-craft,Novice: 5% bonus to buying/selling services. Requires 1 minute role-play

Speech-craft, Adept (3 Charisma): 10% bonus to buying/selling services. Requires 1 minute role-play.

Speech-craft, Expert (6 Charisma): 15% bonus to buying/selling services. Requires 1 minute role-play.


Stealth, Novice: Requires nearby cover or crowd. Allows 1 minute of stealth.

Stealth, Adept (Agility 3): Requires nearby cover or crowd.  Allows 2 minutes of stealth and may pick-pocket a single item from a targeted individual while stealthed.

Stealth, Expert (Agility 6): Requires nearby cover or crowd. Allows 3 minutes of stealth and you may also pick-pocket all items from a targeted container while stealthed.  


Survival,Novice: May recover junk from scavenging, and 10 bullets total. May also use bows.

Survival, Adept (Perception 3): May recover plant samples, and 15 bullets total.

Survival, Expert (Perception 6): May recover creature organs, and 20 bullets total .



Standard bullets (normal nerf darts) x 5 : 1 cap

Large shells (Mega nerf darts) x 5: 2 caps

Energy Cell (disc nerf darts) x 5: 3 caps

Flamer Fuel (water) x 1 tank: 10 cap

Weapons, Ranged

Pistol (standard bullets): 100 caps

Pistol (large shells): 150 caps

2-handed gun (standard bullets): 175 caps

Automatic gun (standard bullets): 850 caps

2-handed gun (large shells): 540 caps

Laser pistol (energy cell): 175 caps

Laser rifle (energy cell): 800 caps

Flamer (flamer fuel): 1300 caps

Weapons, Melee

Small knife: 35 caps

Machete: 50 caps

Sword: 80 Caps

Pole-arm: 100 Caps

Lead-pipe: 75 caps

Baseball bat: 250 caps

Rolling Pin: 10 caps

Power Fist: 2000 Caps


Frag Grenade: 25 caps

Fire Grenade: 200 caps

EMP Grenade: 40 caps

Armour, Light

Rad suit: 60 caps

Leather Armour: 160 Caps

Sinsilan Stealth suit: 500 Caps

Sports gear: 50 caps

Armour, Medium

Reinforced Leather Armour: 500 Caps

Chainmail: 460 Caps

Police Armour (i.e. Kevlar vest): 300 Caps

Armour, Heavy

Plate Metal: 1000 Caps

Power Armour: 3000 Caps


Porridge (or noodles): 5 Caps

A Meal (meat and carbs): 7 Caps

A ‘hearty meal (meat, veges, carbs, gravy): 10 Caps

Irradiated Water: 5 Caps

Dirty Water: 10 Caps

Purified Water: 20 Caps

Alcohol: 20 Caps


Shield, small (40cm): 50 Caps

Shield, Medium (60-70cm): 80 Caps

Shield, Large (70+cm): 100 Caps



You may take one dose of each drug once per watch. Additional doses of the same drug grant no additional benefit. Stim packs are the exception to this. Multiple stim packs may be used per watch, however after the third use of a stim pack in any given watch will cause stim sickness. This will reduce agility and endurance by 3 to a minimum of 1. Super stim packs may be used once per watch without incurring stim sickness. Price per dose.

Mentats: Gives one extra clue per use. 20 Caps

Turbo: Doubles the number of ranged criticals a player has. 20 Caps

Psycho: Doubles the number of melee criticals a player has. 20 Caps

Hydra: Allows user to ignore the effects of a single crippled limb. 55 Caps

Fixer: Temporarily removes the effects of drug withdrawal (1 watch) 20 Caps

Med -X: + 1 luck draw when resuscitating a person. Gives +3 temporary damage resistance until end of watch. This is in addition to regular damage resistance. 20 Caps

Jet: Doubles the number of times you may spot a stealthed individual or object. 20 Caps

Stim Pack: Restores 3 DR (useless for ghouls) 75 Caps

Super Stim Pack: Restores 5DR (3DR for ghouls) 150 Caps

Rad-X: May ignore the effects of minor radiation. 20 Caps

Rad Away: Reduces radiation level by one step. 20 Caps